Medical Assistant


Cares for well and sick pediatric clients under the direction of the nurse and the provider.


Medical Assistant








Debra Tucci, Clinical Manager


  • Arrive promptly at scheduled time for tour of duty and dressed in clothing appropriate with the nursing department dress code.
  • Communicate with all co-workers in a professional manner when on duty.
  • Assist in opening and closing the nursing stations: Start up and shut down computers, perform and document temperature checks of the vaccine refrigerators and freezer, perform controls on office equipment, flush eye wash station weekly as per office protocol, open patient rooms and bathrooms.
  • Stock patient rooms for the day, clean rooms after every use, and prepare rooms for closing at the end of the day.
  • Perform duties for the day as assigned by the nurse.
  • Obtain vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure) and chief complaint on all children, and document correctly in chart.
  • Obtain growth measurements (height, weight, head circumference for children 2 and under, BMI) on all children here for well visits, and plot accurately on growth charts.
  • Perform necessary screenings for well visits for children of all ages using established protocols, and score results when indicated.
  • Obtain pulse ox ,peak flow, and NIOX measurements on all children with respiratory symptoms or history of same.
  • Perform vision and hearing screens and VEPs when indicated.
  • Perform capillary puncture as needed.
  • Perform capillary puncture hemoglobin test.
  • Perform capillary puncture glucose test.
  • Perform capillary puncture lead test.
  • Perform capillary puncture cholesterol test.
  • Perform heel puncture and obtain blood for newborn screening panel, and demonstrate propermethod of sending to lab.
  • Teach client correct method of obtaining a clean catch urine specimen.
  • Demonstrate competence in applying a urine bag to obtain an infant urine specimen.
  • Perform urinalysis and document correctly.
  • Set up supplies for and assist provider in obtaining catheterized urine specimen.
  • Perform lab test controls on in-office cholesterol, strep, influenza, lead, RSV tests, and any other tests requiring controls, when necessary.
  • Perform rapid strep, rapid influenza, rapid RSV tests, in-house Covid tests, and any other tests performed in our office, and document correctly.
  • Collect, prepare, and send laboratory samples not tested on premises to appropriate laboratory, and call for courier pickup when needed.
  • Document all lab tests in chart and on superbill.
  • Assist nurse in performing a medicated nebulizer treatment when ordered by provider.
  • Assist nurse in providing oxygen therapy when ordered by provider.
  • Provide parent with nebulizer to take home, and complete required paper work.
  • Perform ear lavage when ordered by the provider.
  • Apply EMLA cream when ordered by the provider.
  • Prepare child for ear piercing when ordered by the provider.
  • Keep provider on time throughout the day.
  • Document utilizing electronic medical records.
  • Maintain proper use and care of all equipment for electronic medical records.
  • Assist with completing school, day care, and camp forms.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of childhood vaccine requirements.
  • Assist the nurse in working up charts for the next day.
  • Maintain strict adherence to patient confidentiality at all times as per HIPAA requirements.
  • Communicate professionally and empathetically with clients and families at all times.
  • Communicate utilizing motivational interviewing techniques to assist patients in behavior change.
  • Participate in coordination of care from one participant in a patient’s care to another, including transferring information to/from the parent.
  • Participate in training for Standard Precautions (OSHA).
  • Practice Standard Precautions according to OSHA requirements at all times when on duty.
  • Select proper barrier/personal protective equipment for potentially infectious situations.
  • Perform correct method of handwashing.
  • Identify location and verbalize proper use of the following equipment: eye wash, fire extinguishers, sharps disposal containers, hazardous waste containers.
  • Locate emergency evacuation sites for the office.
  • Locate emergency medication “tackle box” on the unit.
  • Locate office stock medications and supplies on the unit.
  • Attend and complete CPR/AED training when required.
  • Attend and participate in nursing and office meetings and in-services when offered.
  • Be an active team member in our work toward, and maintenance of, Patient Centered Medical Home recognition from NCQA.\


  • Excellent communication, both written and verbal
  • Comfortable working in a fast paced environment
  • EMR experience. Specifically Office Practicum
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with patients and families
  • Ability to speak multiple languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese


  • High school diploma
  • Formal schooling for Medical Assistants
  • Current certification or registration as a Medical Assistant
  • CPR/AED certification

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