Rajadevi Satchi, M.D

Dear Friends and families,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the privilege of taking care of your children for the past forty-four years. I have enjoyed my work and strived to do my best to help and guide my patients so that they grow into healthy and responsible adults.

The time has come when I would like to focus on my grandchildren and some other activities, I have postponed such as music, art, travel, as well as more volunteer work.

I will be retiring as of January 1st, 2024. I leave you with a team of caring and well-qualified physicians to continue your care.

It is a bittersweet time for me, and I will definitely miss you.

God Bless.

With love,

Dr. Rajadevi Satchi

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We have exciting news!
We are happy to announce that Dr’s. Pushpa Mani, Krissy Satchi, Aparna Madisetty and Jen Handau, APRN, formerly affiliated with Childcare Associates, have joined the Center for Pediatric Medicine.

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¡Tenemos noticias emocionantes!
Nos complace anunciar que el Dr. Pushpa Mani, Krissy Satchi, Aparna Madisetty, Jen Handau, APRN, y Pam Barrett, PA, anteriormente afiliada a Childcare Associates, se han unido al Centro de Medicina Pediátrica.

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There has been a federal recall for Wanabana cinnamon apple sauce, Schnucks brand cinnamon apple sauce,and Weis brand cinnamon apple sauce.

Please stop using these recalled applesauce products immediately and discard them for your home! If you’re worried about any possible exposure, please call our office at 203-790-0822 with any questions.

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