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Getting ready for a new baby come with lots of excitement and lots of new and important decisions. One being choosing your pediatrician. There is no greater feeling of relief knowing that you’ve made the best choice for you and your new baby.

Center for Pediatric Medicine has been a well-respected practice caring for patients in the Greater Danbury area since 1992. With 2 convenient locations and a lactation suite, CPM is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. Our Providers and staff are experienced, compassionate and committed to making each visit an pleasant experience for you and baby. Complete the form below and one of our CPM staff members will call and provide you more information about the practice and the journey you will embark with us!

1-3 Months

Schedule a tour of the office and meet with a staff member who will answer any questions about the practice, share our practice’s philosophy, and help get acquainted to our office staff. (Click here to register) . If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call, 203-798-7661 ext. 107.

Lisa Boule’ (Lactation Consultant)

Lisa is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for our office. She sees all of our breastfeeding newborns and mothers to assist and support them through the initial weeks. She is also available to all of our patients to offer guidance and support with any breastfeeding issues. Read More

Thank you for considering CPM for your family’s healthcare needs.

DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1. One of the CPM staff members will be contacting you shortly.
If you need immediate assistance we suggest calling the office as it may take a staff member up to 24 hours to return your call.
Please note: A team member will only be following up with your request during our normal call center hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.


Adding your new dependent to your insurance

Planning for the birth of a baby is a busy time in a family’s life. One of the requirements that can be overlooked is updating your health plan to reflect the addition of your newest family member, whether it’s a newborn, adoption or other dependent change event. Not understanding this process and the time restrictions involved can prove costly to a family.

Once your new baby is born, or you adopt a child, you must contact your insurance carrier to add your new dependent. Most insurance companies require to be notified within 30 days of the birth or adoption, but it is best to check with your individual health plan to understand their requirements. Not adding your child to your health plan in time may result in a lapse in coverage and all services provided during that time will be the responsibility of the patient’s parents/guardians. Make sure to contact your insurance carrier with any questions regarding this process.

Thank you for considering CPM for your family’s healthcare needs.

For more information to help make your first visit to CPM a pleasant one, please refer to our Patient Experience page.

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