Caution: Flu Season Ahead! What Can You Do About It?

Caution: Flu Season Ahead! What Can You Do About It?

As we pediatricians follow Covid-19 guidelines and do our part as a pediatric doctors office in New Fairfield CT, we’re reminded of the fact that flu season is right around the corner. Even with all the attention on Covid-19, the spike in flu cases that we see around this time can’t be ignored. In this article, we’ll go over some of the important symptoms and facts about the flu, and how important it is to get your kids flu shots.

SYMPTOMS: Some of the most common flu symptoms are very well known because of how often people get it. However, it’s always best to go over them for educational purposes.

-Sore Throat
-Stuffy/Runny Nose

In some cases with children you may see vomiting and diarrhea when they’re sick. This is usually not the case for adults. We pediatricians often see the spread of the virus in the same way we see the spread of Covid-19; with small droplets from people that cough or sneeze. Keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible during flu season can greatly reduce your risk of infection as well. Wearing a mask can help prevent flu spread as well. Any good pediatric doctors office in New Fairfield CT can provide the proper shots to keep your child safe, but we’re happy that you’ve chosen the Center for Pediatric Medicine as your go-to- pediatric care provider.

Who’s At Risk?: When looking at the statistics, it was found by the CDC that about 8% of the country will get sick from the flu during flu season, with a range between 3% and 11%. We see that children are unfortunately more likely to be infected with the flu, making kids flu shots much more important. We also see a large amount of cases in older adults, around the age of 65 and up, however children under 18 are twice as likely to catch the flu as adults.

With Covid-19, a flu vaccine is more important than ever before. Not only does it help reduce the strain of work for any pediatric doctors office in New Fairfield CT, but it saves resources for the deadlier disease, Covid-19. You can always contact us for your kids flu shots, or if you have any questions about this year's flu season. For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a flu vaccine, visit our website at or call us today at 203-790-0822.