Get your Kids Their Flu Shots This Winter Season

Get your Kids Their Flu Shots This Winter Season
Dec. 102021

Among the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been all the more need to stay safe during the colder seasons. Flu viruses are related to more serious complications for children younger than 5 years old, meaning that kids flu shots are incredibly important.

The CDC recommends this flu season you get the flu vaccine in order to provide the best defense against the virus. Vaccine recommendations lead to a healthier child. Children who are 3 months and older are more likely to have complications due to the flu compared to children over 5 years old. 

Complications due to the flu virus can be lethal to your younger ones. The influenza vaccine is effective in providing immunity for up to six months. Centers for disease control recommends all children 6 months and older should receive the influenza vaccination. 

In 2019 in the United States, the CDC did a study estimating 29 million cases related to flu illness. Influenza viruses are detrimental to your child’s health, and it is time to take action right away. 

The Center for Pediatric Medicine is prepared to protect your child and their immune system. The one most common side effect is pain on the shot sites. People with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for developing complications due to the flu virus. 

A singular dose of the flu vaccine or the covid-19 vaccination goes a long way in our society. Flu shots are approved for people of all ages. With the rapid spread of COVID-19 it is as significant as ever to vaccinate your children. 

CPFM offers a comfortable environment for your child to receive their flu vaccination. Kids flu shots are often a scary experience for your child. Our experienced team of staff will go above and beyond to create a comforting environment. 

Vaccination lowers the probability of your child retracting and spreading the virus. By wearing a face mask and getting vaccinated, we can make the world a healthier place to live in. The colder months can be taxing on your child’s immune health. 

Flu symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches

The flu-like symptoms are almost identical to the symptoms of COVID-19. It is drastically significant to get tested for COVID-19 to prevent the spread. Surfaces and close proximity of airspace in your home is a pathogen for the Coronavirus. 

Here at the Center for Pediatric Medicine, we consistently take steps to educate you on the flu viruses that are circulating, and provide kids flu shots for all of our patients. Our team of experienced pediatricians strive to assist you and your child in taking steps to keeping a healthier home. 

Both flu and COVID-19 spread from tiny droplets being let out when you cough, talk or sneeze. Influenza has significantly increased rates in infants and children under the age of 6 months. When your child is over six months, it is imperative that you get them vaccinated. 

The health of your child and the community around them is at risk. Reminding your child to keep good hand hygiene is very important. The time when a person is infected with the flu approaches in the span of 2 days. 

Once you begin to recognize symptoms it is important that you take your child to their local pediatrician for care. Preventative measures can be taken to reduce the spread of influenza and COVID-19. 

It is imperative that you often set reminders to your child for them to wash their hands with soap for at least two minutes/ This will reduce the harmful bacteria that spreads the pathogens of the virus. 

The vaccination is not harmful to your child’s long term health. Many misconceptions include that influenza vaccinations cause long term detriments to your child’s overall physical health. This myth has been misconstrued throughout society for years. 

The first step of taking preventative measures from contracting the flu is to get you and your family members vaccinated. Risks of serious flu symptoms can result in death or serious health effects. 

Kids flu vaccines are imperative for keeping your children safe and healthy when interacting with one another. Healthy habits and exquisite hand health are leading factors in preventing the flu further than getting vaccinated. 

It is always imperative to be mindful of others when taking into account vaccinating your children. CPFM offers comfortable and affordable flu vaccinations for your child. Our office accepts most insurances and is reliable when it comes to administering your child’s vaccination. 

Center for Pediatric Medicine provides kids flu shots in addition to other pediatric services. To make an appointment, call 203-790-0822 or visit our website today. Your child’s health is our top priority this flu season especially.

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