How to Find the Best Pediatricians Near You

How to Find the Best Pediatricians Near You
Nov. 92021

Finding a pediatric doctor can be a nerve-wracking task. When one begins searching for the ‘best pediatricians near me’ they want to look for a specialist who can not only provide the best care for their family, but someone who is also in a convenient and accessible location, and is an in-network provider.

Below are a few of our best tips for finding the best pediatricians near me!


A pediatric doctor is someone you trust your children’s health with. As such, it is important to find a provider with a track record of excellent service and accolades for their skill.

The Center for Pediatric Medicine is recognized by the Leading Physicians of the World for their success and leadership in the field of pediatrics. Our practitioners have graduated from accredited schools of medicine and have been serving the greater Danbury area for almost 30 years! We are renowned by our customers for our attentive and compassionate care for children and adolescents as well as transparency for their families.


As important as education and accolades in medicine are for finding a provider you trust, it can be just as important to find someone who your children trust as well! Parenting is hard, so finding the best pediatricians near me often goes hand-in-hand with finding a pediatrician your children like too (or at least tolerate for those scary shots), in order to make doctor’s visits as easy as possible.

The Center for Pediatric Medicine is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for patient-centered service. Our board certified pediatricians and friendly staff are available for comprehensive and compassionate care for children and adolescents up to 21 years of age. Our staff strives to make our practice as accessible and welcoming as possible to a diverse patient population.

CPM is well versed in all types of ailments, as well as offering service for expecting mothers, nutritionist services, and behavioral consultations all under one roof to make sure you and your family can be treated comfortably without bouncing around to different practices.


Another thing to consider when deciding upon who the best pediatricians near me are, is whether or not they are in-network service providers. Depending on your insurance carrier and family’s medical conditions, the best option of practice may not always be the closest provider. Luckily, the Center for Pediatric Medicine accepts almost all insurance carriers available around CT.


Finally, location of the practice is also key. Many simply choose the closest location to their residence without thought for the above. It is important to balance convenience with other aspects of care, as well as considering distance from places such as your workplace and hospitals.

For those in Northern Fairfield County, Center for Pediatric Medicine has locations in both Danbury and New Fairfield in order to make sure our wide range of services are never far out of reach.

The Bottom Line

Being a parent can be extremely stressful. When looking for a dedicated pediatrician, you are looking for someone who you can trust with the health of your family. This makes what would be an otherwise simple task an often arduous experience.

For those in the greater Danbury area, the Center for Pediatric Medicine has your back. We strive to make your time at the doctor’s office stress-free and easy, and make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible for you and your Family.

If you are looking for a new family doctor, or simply have questions about pediatric medicine or wellness visits, do not hesitate to give us a call at (203) 790-0822 or visit our blog to learn more today!

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