Hydration for Active Kids

Hydration for Active Kids
Jul. 172023

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Hydration for Active Kids


Hydration is a concern any time of the year. However, being active in the summer sun and humidity increases the potential for electrolyte losses. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, fainting, and worse in our children. It also disrupts digestion and has other negative impacts on their system. Are your children playing hard at camp or engaged in sports this summer? If so, please encourage them to properly hydrate!


Water rules

The best way to remain hydrated is to drink water throughout the day. In most cases, it’s all your child needs. If your child has difficulty remembering to drink, try writing an hour-by-hour timeline on their water bottle. This will encourage them to drink throughout the day. And when water gets too “boring,” consider:

  • Flavoring it with citrus
  • Throwing in a couple of ice cubes made from 100% fruit juice
  •  Including calorie-free tea throughout the day (brew a fruit-flavored herbal tea, chill overnight)


Electrolyte replacement

We don’t always need an electrolyte-enhanced drink. Usually, water is ideal. However, there are circumstances when we need to replenish losses. You’ll know your child has lost sodium if there are white marks on clothes or hats. If you can feel salt on their skin, that is also a sign. In these cases, electrolyte replacement may be necessary. Choose Guiding Stars rated electrolyte-enhanced waters, coconut water, and other beverage options.  (They don’t have the added sugars, artificial colors, or other attributes we’re trying to limit.) You can also add tablets or powders to water that only offer sodium, potassium, and natural flavors. And keep in mind that hydration before and after activity matters just as much as during.

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