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Aug. 172022

While not all kids and families will be returning to school this fall, some are. If your daily tasks include packing school lunch, you know it can get tiring to come up with ideas your kids will eat every day, while keeping it interesting, safe, and nutritious. Like any other meal you plan and prep for, school lunch must fit into a balanced day. There are a few common pitfalls many of us fall into when considering what our kids need packed in their lunch bag. Let’s avoid them together.

Pitfall #1: Snack Attack

Think about how you feed your child at home. Do you give them three snacks with their meal? If you don’t do it at home, you shouldn’t feel like you need to for their school lunch either. If your main meal is filling enough (read: offers some satisfying nutrition), all those snacks aren’t needed.

Pitfall #2: Just in Case

Right along with packing too many snacks are the “just in case” foods that get added to the lunch bag. I get it! We parents worry that our kids will be hungry. It’s unlikely that they will go hungry, but they will probably eat whatever you pack them, which means that they are more likely to overeat if you pack a “fall back meal.”



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