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Before you arrive

For existing and new patients, you will receive a text message 1-2 days before your appointment for pre-booked appointments or a text the day of for a same-day appointment. Simply click on the link, answer a few identifying questions, and you’ll then be able to complete your registration from home on any mobile device, tablet, or computer. We encourage you to take advantage of this easy, convenient Pre-Visit Check-in Process for your next visit!

You will be promoted to complete your check-in process electronically. If you are having trouble completing the registration before you arrive for an office visit, you will be given a “Phreesia-Pad (and or can be completed via the patient’s cellular device),” which is similar to an iPad or a tablet, to complete your registration electronically. Checking in via the “Phreesia-Pad (and or can be completed via the patient’s cellular device)” is quick and easy, as it guides you through a step-by-step registration process. Once you have entered your information for the first time, you will not be required to do so again. At your future visits, you will only need to verify the information that you’d previously entered to ensure that its current and to make any necessary edits.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you may also pay any balance or co-pay securely on the “Phreesia-Pad (and or can be completed via the patients cellular device)” . The Phreesia-Pad does not store any information on the pad. Rather, all entered information transfers electronically to your chart in our secure Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The registration is featured in the following languages: English, Spanish & Portuguese
You are able to complete the following items below before you come into the office:

  1. Confirm and or cancel your appointment via text message.
    a. Reminder of your appointment date, time, location & provider.
  2. Patient and Family Registration | Demographics (Verify who you are)
  3. Update your insurance information.
  4. Clinical Screening Questionnaires (Based on the type of appointment- typically at the patients’ wellness visit. Completed forms prior to the visit will reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the office).
  5. Review and sign all consent and financial forms.
  6. Store Credit Card on-file (Optional)
  7. Make a payment (Pre, during an or post visit)

We also ask that you take a picture (Front & Back) of your insurance card during the pre-registration process especially if a new year has passed. Insurances can also change quite frequently, and we want to ensure you are being billed correctly to avoid any hassle for you! Our staff is diligently working behind the scenes to verify your insurance and demographics and note any changes from previous visits. (When they identify these things ahead of time, it saves you time at Check-In!).

We will also make sure all registration is up to date, and everything is ready for the CPM staff and providers. When all the information is verified, the front desk will ensure that you are contacted via your chosen contact method (call, text, email, etc.) to confirm the date, time, and location of your appointment.

New Fairfield

In exam room

The nursing team member will ask you for an update on your medical history, allergies, current medications, and pharmacy. Depending on your age and the nature of your visit, the nurse or medical assistant will measure your height or length, weight, and head circumference. Vital signs (temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and/or blood pressure) will be done. If you are having a well visit, depending on your age, some in-house lab tests (such as urinalysis, hemoglobin, blood lead level, cholesterol) will be performed, as well as a vision and hearing screen. Teenagers will be asked to complete a depression screen. Then your provider will come in to finish the examination, review any developmental or health screenings you have completed, and answer any questions about the visit. The nurse will then administer any vaccines that are due.

For a sick visit, the provider may order other laboratory tests, such as for influenza, streptococcus, RSV, or Covid-19. Most of these are completed in-house and the results will be ready before you leave. Sometimes, however, we need to send the specimen to an outside laboratory, and we will notify you of the results when they are ready. The provider will send any medication prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

At Check-Out

Your visit is over. You will proceed to check out where you will schedule any future appointments, get any school, or camp forms, or get phone numbers to a specialist. Lastly, you will pay your copay or will pay on any outstanding balance.

After You Leave

In the days following your appointment, you will receive a text message requesting you to complete a survey, to better meet the patients’ needs we ask that you take a minute or two to complete the survey. Completing the survey will allow for additional training and provide feedback for us to improve. Additionally, you may receive a message and a text to clear up any balances that may have occurred during that visit or previous visits.

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