Pediatricians in Connecticut – A Communal Effort

Pediatricians in Connecticut – A Communal Effort
Apr. 212022

Ever heard the saying, it takes a village? Well, with schools in session, and extracurricular activities and other errands taking up most of the day, it can be tricky to schedule an appointment with your kid’s doctor. This is why the Center for Pediatric Medicine is open nights and holidays, to make seeing a pediatrician in Connecticut easier for you.

Open for thirty years, CPM has provided a number of services for not only children, but extending that quality care to parents the moment they find they’re expecting.

With three locations, these pediatricians in Connecticut work hard to deliver quality physical care to the community of the Greater Danbury area.

Everyone needs guidance as they prepare to become a parent, whether the first or fifth time. so they have the least amount of hiccups possible.

Within the Center for Pediatric Medicine, we offer a multitude of new parent classes through Zoom, including a lactation expert and nutritionist, to guide you through your own health as well as your child’s. Here, parents can find the comfort they need while going through our thorough childbirth education programs. These online classes help parents learn what to expect after childbirth and the role their doctor is supposed to play in it all.

These classes cover it all. From diverse birth stories to learning about the different stages of labor, and all the way to birthing and breastfeeding.

All of these can be very crucial to the development of a baby and if not understood, the process of bringing and sustaining life after birth will be even more confusing, but these pediatricians in Connecticut are determined to prepare every parent for the health and wellbeing of their child.

CPM is also available for wellness checkups and behavioral issues, such as ADHD treatments and developmental assessments, and includes accommodations for children with special needs, as we know that each patient is unique and has different expectations.

Parenting on any level can be scary and anxiety-inducing, so these pediatricians in Connecticut are here for moral support as well. At the Center for Pediatric Medicine, we pride ourselves in helping the parents of tomorrow.

So make it easier on yourself by calling us today at (203) 790-0822 or check out our website for more information on our services and location.

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