What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers.

How can I make a telemedicine appointment
(We are still currently seeing patients in our Danbury office location; however, if you would like to request a telemedicine appointment we will be more than happy to schedule you one).​​

  • Please call the front desk and schedule a telemedicine appointment (203-790-0822)
  • CPM’S staff will schedule the patients appointment with the provider of choice at the next available time slot
  • You will be directed to our telemedicine portal on our website
  • Each provider will have a link directly below their profile picture. Please click the link and this will direct you into your own private and secure telemedicine visit

Telemedicine Tips

  • Google chrome tends to work best for windows based software’s and androids
  • Safari is best used for apple products
  • You can access telemedicine using your smart phone, computer and or I-pad
  • If your volume settings are not working; please message the provider using the chat feature and the provider can call you directly on your landline and or cell phone
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are enabled in your browser settings. Settings > Safari > Camera > Allow Settings > Safari > Microphone > Allow
    Same for Firefox and Chrome

Telemedicine Visits
(If you are unsure if your appointment can be completed via telemedicine, please call our office and we can help)

  • ADHD Follow-Ups
  • Cold
  • Rash
  • Pink Eye
  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Nutrition Follow-Ups
  • Sleep Issues
  • Potty Training
  • Developmental Issues
  • Lab Follow-Ups
  • Care Coordination / Care Management
  • And More

What is required at the time of your telemedicine visit?

  1. The patient, in loose clothing
  2. A thermometer
  3. A scale to measure weight
  4. Natural light, near a window
  5. Log in using a cell phone first for best video quality, but make sure the phone is not muted and turn up the volume.
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We have exciting news!
We are happy to announce that Dr’s. Pushpa Mani, Krissy Satchi, Aparna Madisetty and Jen Handau, APRN, formerly affiliated with Childcare Associates, have joined the Center for Pediatric Medicine.

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¡Tenemos noticias emocionantes!
Nos complace anunciar que el Dr. Pushpa Mani, Krissy Satchi, Aparna Madisetty, Jen Handau, APRN, y Pam Barrett, PA, anteriormente afiliada a Childcare Associates, se han unido al Centro de Medicina Pediátrica.

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There has been a federal recall for Wanabana cinnamon apple sauce, Schnucks brand cinnamon apple sauce,and Weis brand cinnamon apple sauce.

Please stop using these recalled applesauce products immediately and discard them for your home! If you’re worried about any possible exposure, please call our office at 203-790-0822 with any questions.

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