Connecting with your Pediatrician in Fairfield CT

Connecting with your Pediatrician in Fairfield CT
Feb. 92022

Having a positive relationship with your local pediatrician in Fairfield CT is a great way to increase your child’s health. Encouraging them to keep up on their physicals and checkups is a great way to establish good habits down the road. Establishing that connection at a young age is important for their development. 

As a parent, deciding on your kid’s pediatrician is an important step in their healthcare. You obviously want an experienced doctor, who cares for the wellbeing of your child. With the doctors and staff from our Center for Pediatric Medicine, your children are in perfect hands. 

When it comes to advancements and updates in the medical field, we make it our number one priority to stay on top of it. As the COVID-19 vaccine goes under further development, we’re constantly monitoring the specific details associated with children. As of now, children 5-11 can receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but be sure to speak with your child’s pediatrician before making an appointment. As of now, kids 4 years and younger are not authorized to receive the vaccine. 

Another important subject your pediatrician in Fairfield CT should stay on top of is the research around concussions, and how it’ll affect your child’s long-term development. Sports are a great way for your child to stay active and learn valuable life lessons, but injuries may happen. You shouldn’t rely on everything you read on the internet for information on concussions, instead, you should speak to your pediatrician if you’re considering contact sports for your kids. 

As we’ve all had an increase in downtime and a decrease in food quality since COVID-19 started, keeping your cholesterol in check is important. Not enough kids or adults are getting the exercise they need, which is why we’re monitoring cholesterol much closer. Higher than usual cholesterol is a significant indicator for other somewhat major health issues. 

Combating high cholesterol is important, and something your children can do with the right diet. With our registered dietitian, your child can have an outlined plan for caloric intake and high-quality food. Everyone knows you need fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, but our dietitian can give a much more detailed idea of what they need to stay in great shape. 

For more information on scheduling an appointment with your pediatrician in Fairfield CT, visit the rest of our website, or call us today at 203-790-0822. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide exceptional service for your and your children.

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