Finding the Right Pediatrician in Fairfield CT for You

Finding the Right Pediatrician in Fairfield CT for You
Jul. 122021

Fairfield, CT, and the surrounding areas, are filled with great pediatricians, so picking the right one for you and your family could prove to be difficult. From birth to adolescence, your child’s pediatrician is there through it all, so it’s best to be sure you find the right fit.

Meeting Before the Appointment

One characteristic of an outstanding pediatrician is one that offers to meet with the parents and children before the first appointment. This is important because it alleviates the awkwardness of the appointment, and ensures that you are making the right choice prior to the check-up. When an office offers this, it means they are confident in their pediatric care abilities, and that you should be as well. 

In addition to meeting the doctors and nurses associated with the practice, this experience can also offer an opportunity to see the office itself. Many parents, rightfully so, have high standards for cleanliness and professionalism when it comes to their child’s doctor. This prior meetup allows you to see what the office is like and get a sense for the practice as a whole.

Another benefit of meeting before the appointment is the ability to have your questions answered before you or your insurance is charged. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns about the visit they can be resolved via the doctor, or by simply not choosing that practice. 

Finding a Great Team

When looking for a pediatrician in Fairfield CT, it’s key that they are made up of a diverse and skilled team. Having a team of more than one gender can ensure that the practice can provide the doctor your child feels most comfortable with. This comfort can lead to more of an open relationship between patient and doctor, leading to health benefits as the harder conversations become easier.

In combination with diversity, a team of achieving board certified doctors is vital as well. Looking for doctors who are part of organizations or groups is important because it means they hold themselves to a higher standard. Enrollment in organizations like the The American Academy of Pediatrics or having a NCQA patient certified medical home means that these practices go above and beyond.

Now that the personality side is covered, it’s also important that there is transparency in the pediatrician about the doctors, nurses, and assistants. When searching for a pediatrician in Fairfield CT, it’s essential that they provide as much information as possible on their website about their staff. Having transparency like that reassures you of the confidence that they have in their doctors and team as a whole, as no important details are left out.

Effective Website

As unimportant as something like this may seem, it is critical that you find a pediatrician that has an easy to use and effective website. Pediatrician in Fairfield, CT with a website that makes your life easier shows that they care about their patients. If they have features like a parent portal or online bill pay, it shows how much they care about making your life easier.

Another important aspect of the website is a section that informs the reader about different medical topics. Having information on topics like this readily available shows not only the knowledge of the practice, but also its desire to help the public. Aspects like this prove that the office has the best intentions. Offices that don’t put the effort into sections like these may not be worth looking into.

Contact information is also something that should be placed front in center in almost every page you visit on their site. This allows you to call at any moment, having easy access to all the information you need to do so. Having the ability to find contact information quickly can be important in emergency situations, so a site that has the information easily accessible can make a big difference.


Fairfield County is filled with skilled pediatricians, so it’s important to have the right tools to find the one that’s the best fit for you and your family. To make it even easier, if you’re looking for a pediatrician now, think about choosing us. With years of experience and all the important boxes checked, we strive to give your children the best care possible. Find more information about our services and doctors here, or contact us at (203)-790-0822 with any questions.

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