Future Improved Digital Check-in Changes

Payment for Services

We want to take this opportunity to reach out and recap 2020. We have always taken our office surveys and patients’ feedback very seriously. As you know with Covid-19, this year has been challenging for everyone. It has caused many changes as to how CPM can practice medicine. In trying to maintain the wellbeing of our patients and staff, we have had to implement many safety protocol modifications. These changes bring on new obstacles and sometime inconveniences to our patients and families. One of these changes was the decision to close the waiting room and have patients call the office when they arrive in the parking lot. This has added extra measures to our check in process and our staff, sometimes resulting in delays.

The safety and quality of care has always been our number one priority and CPM is always striving to make improvements for the benefit of all our patients. We are currently implementing a new texting system that is expected to expedite the check in process. We are striving to have this new system in place in the coming weeks. Patients will receive clear instructions on how this new system works. We are grateful to our staff and CPM families for their patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through this pandemic together.

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