How Often Should We Visit The Pediatricians in Fairfield CT?

How Often Should We Visit The Pediatricians in Fairfield CT?
Oct. 102021

Taking your child to the pediatrician when they feel sick is a given, but what about when they aren’t? Even when your kid does not feel or look sick it is still critical to take them to the pediatrician, and fairly regularly too. Keep reading along as we highlight exactly why it is important to schedule regular visits to our pediatricians in Fairfield CT and how often your child should be going.

How often should my child pay a visit to the pediatrician?

The recommended frequency of visits for regular checkups varies depending on the age of your child. For children between the ages of 1 year and 4 years old, it is recommended to have a minimum of 7 doctor visits. Those visits should be spread roughly according to this timeframe;

  1. 12 months (1 year old)
  2. 15 months
  3. 18 months
  4. 24 months (2 years old)
  5. 30 months
  6. 36 months (3 years old)
  7. 48 months (4 years old)

For children over the age of 4 you should schedule wellness checkups annually with your pediatrician.

These regular wellness visits should be completed regardless of any sick visits during the year. If your child feels sick or you feel worried about their health and wellness, schedule an appointment with one of our pediatricians in Fairfield CT as soon as possible.

What does a regular wellness visit usually entail?

A child wellness visit is a lot like a regular checkup or physical that adults have. They typically follow this chain of events;

  • Record height, weight, head circumference, and/or blood pressure (dependant on age)
  • Examine nutrition, diet, and general development
  • Give immunizations
  • Proceed with physical examination
  • Discussion about the visits results, your child’s general health, and a consultation about future health and actions to be taken

Why pediatric visits are important as a child

Your children’s health care is your and our top priority, and regular checkups help us keep them healthy now and well into their future.

Your pediatrician will help diagnose and treat any current illness and help identify and prevent potential health problems in the future. They can identify allergies, assist in nutritional planning, accurately track their development and growth, and teach them to make healthy decisions throughout their lives.

Why pediatric visits are important as a parent

As parents, developing a strong positive relationship with your pediatrician is incredibly important. Being able to communicate effectively can make visits run more efficiently, and ensure that you fully understand the wellbeing of your children and the steps that need to be taken to keep them healthy and active.

Parents also hold a lot of the responsibility for their children’s health. You need to schedule regular wellness checkups, decide on and plan for immunizations, bring your kids in for sick visits, keep them eating healthy and exercising, and more. Having a strong line of communication with your pediatrician allows them to advise and assist you with all of these responsibilities and makes it much easier to ensure your child grows up healthy and strong.

Need to schedule pediatric appointments for your child or children in the Fairfield area? Visit our website for The Center for Pediatric Medicine at  and let our pediatricians in Fairfield CT help you keep your children healthy.

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