Qualified Pediatric Doctors in Danbury CT For Your Kids

Qualified Pediatric Doctors in Danbury CT For Your Kids
Sep. 102021

If you are looking for an exceptional pediatric doctors office in Danbury CT, Center for Pediatric Medicine has you covered. Connecticut children are not vaccinated and more likely to get COVID-19. 

Our doctor’s office is close to home if you live in Danbury CT. Our office is only a 5 minute drive from Danbury hospital. The health system will accommodate your children, our doctors can do a video visit through telehealth. 

Our pediatric doctors office in Danbury CT knows how to provide the right care for children. Our office also caters to expecting mothers by offering birth classes. We want parents to also be knowledgeable on preparing to parent your newborn properly. 

Our office can help your children with ADHD treatment and vision and hearing screenings. Your pediatric doctors office in Danbury CT can identify ADHD in your child. There are many alternative options of treatment that you can consult with your doctor. 

When visiting your doctor for prenatal care you will enter an environment that is patient centered. This annual well visit helps both expecting mothers and children who need care. In addition to the care of small children, our office also offers teen and adolescent health care. 

It is crucial for your child to get annual exams to make sure they are in good health. During these exams the doctors will assess your child’s physical and mental health. Our pediatric doctors office in Danbury CT will assist you and your child with a comfortable physical. 

Our additional services are worth giving consideration. During our after hours, pediatric nurses offices are open. You will also be able to make a same day appointment at your local urgent care. 

The Center for Pediatric Medicine works with you and your child each and everyday to monitor their physical and emotional development. Our team understands that each patient is different. This means that each patient has individual diverse needs that our team is prepared to work with. 

If your child has specific needs when visiting the doctor, please contact our office today. Let our team know how we can make your visit to our office comfortable and safe. Our office also understands that our patients have busy schedules. We will work with all patients to accommodate their schedules. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to provide accessible services for all. We have a diverse patient population which we strive to assist the best we can. Our office is open 7 days a week as well as most holidays. 

The CPM office offers a patient portal that is easily accessible online. If a patient wants to check results or medical information, the patient portal is the way to go. This portal is accessible online and offered to each and every one of our patients. CPM makes seeing your child’s medical records easy and fast. 

Our office accepts most insurances. With insurance your child’s visit will be affordable and worry free. We want to provide healthcare that is accessible to most insurances. We have two convenient locations in Danbury and New Fairfield CT. If you live in the New Fairfield- Brewster area, our office is right around the corner and easy to get to. 

Your pediatric doctors office in Danbury CT promises to put our patients’ health and needs first. Our office has a reputation of being inclusive of all and aware. Our staff are in the office everyday taking into account the medical needs of every patient.

Our doctors and nurses strive everyday to be professional and efficient. Since 1992 our team has provided patients with impeccable pediatric services. The quality of care that we provide for your children is high quality. We care for children, adolescents, and young adults until the age of 21.

To schedule an appointment for you or your child, please call 203-690-0822 or visit our website.

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