What to Look for: Pediatricians in Fairfield, CT

What to Look for: Pediatricians in Fairfield, CT
Aug. 92021

Parenthood is a stressful time. It is hard to prepare for your child’s arrival and find the best healthcare possible for them. There is an abundance of pediatricians in Fairfield, CT. However, the Center for Pediatric Medicine is highly recommended. They offer a unique approach which makes them stand out when compared to other practices in the area. 

As a new parent you may be asking yourself: what exactly should I be looking for when choosing a pediatrician in Fairfield, CT? 

A key component to any good doctor is how available they make themselves to their patients. Location, hours, diagnostic capabilities and whether they have a lab on site are all important considerations to keep in mind. 

You need a doctor that fits your family’s needs. Your child’s primary physician can ensure that your child is treated with their medical background and individual needs in mind. 

This is not always the case when they have to seek medical advice somewhere else. Having a healthcare provider who can treat a wide variety of situations is important to avoid seeking health care from other healthcare providers when possible. 

The Center for Pediatric Medicine can treat common issues ranging from simple wart removals to serious issues like concussions. 

In addition to full care through the age of 21, they also offer services for expecting mothers. Classes and specialists are available to help prepare expecting mothers for parenthood before their baby arrives. 

Diagnostic capabilities are important to consider because of common issues like ADHD. Although diagnosing ADHD usually requires a specialist, the Center for Pediatric Medicine offers diagnostic testing for ADHD at their own offices. This makes the experience less stressful and much more comfortable.

The Center for Pediatric Medicine reduces the need to seek help through other healthcare professionals. They make themselves available 24/7 and have the resources needed to provide specialized care to every child. 

Using your primary physician for medical care in a variety of situations is efficient and reduces stress about insurance and payments. 

Parenthood is filled with unexpected surprises. In an emergency, it’s important that your child’s doctor can help, no matter the time of day.

When searching for pediatricians in Fairfield, CT, consider their hours and availability. The Center for Pediatric Medicine is open 362 days a year. Their offices also have a doctor on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

At the Center for Pediatric Medicine, there are nine full-time pediatricians along with multiple specialists. This allows their offices to provide care 24/7, including after hours appointments for working parents and availability on major holidays. 

The Center for Pediatric Medicine has its own on-site lab testing capabilities. This ensures faster, more trust-worthy results compared to submitting samples to a third party lab. 

Although care coordination services for emergencies are available, their variety of services reduces the need to consult with other offices. This also extends to developmental testing and their ability to care for special needs children. 

Overall, when searching for pediatricians in Fairfield, CT, the Center for Pediatric Medicine is a great option for your family. Their flexible hours and extended availability ensures that medical care will always be available to your child. They are well equipped to deal with a variety of issues. Their specialists, expanded treatment capabilities and open office hours make them a trustworthy option for your family. 

For more information on everything our office has to offer, visit us online or please call today at 203-790-0822. We’d be happy to answer any and all questions any of our patients have!

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