The Benefits of Starting Infant Pediatric Care Early

Jan. 142021

From the moment you and your little one first leave the hospital, their health is of utmost importance. Having a pediatrician prepared for your infant gives you assistance as a new parent, with regular check-ups providing important information on wellness, lactation, and nutrition. At The Center for Pediatric Medicine, our team of highly experienced doctors and nurses are willing to care for your child through every step of the way.

It is recommended that your child’s first in-office visit be as soon as 24-48 hours after coming home from the hospital. Scheduling wellness check-ups early ensures that your child is healthy and not developing any health concerns. During your child’s first few monthly visits, weight checks and important vaccines will be administered during each general wellness visit. After four months, additional procedures will take place to ensure your child’s health, including anemia checks, vision screenings, and more vaccines.

The Center for Pediatric Medicine’s pediatric doctor’s office in Danbury, CT also specializes in lactation support for both mom and infant. Although breastfeeding is a natural process, there is a lot to learn about how your child feeds, as each mother and child are different. Our Lactation Consultant, Lisa Boule, is available to assess any questions or concerns you may have about breastfeeding. Should you choose, Lisa will monitor a feeding between you and your child to help resolve any issues you might be having. Our goal at the lactation center is to make sure both mom and infant are comfortable and happy during every feeding.

Identifying the right dietary and nutritional needs for your child is key to ensuring their healthy development. Nutrition plays a big role in the health of your child, as it relates to possible health concerns such as over/underweight, allergies, eating disorders, disease prevention, and more. Our registered dietitian, Allison J, Stowell, is available to address any nutritional and dietary concerns you may have for your child. Dr. Stowell holds a balanced view on nutrition, emphasizing a non-diet approach that encourages mindful eating to make better food choices. Establishing a nutritious diet early on ensures that your child is obtaining all the right nutrients necessary for a healthy development.

From your child’s very first visit, The Center for Pediatric Medicine is dedicated to providing the best care and advice for their personal growth and development. If you’re looking for the “best pediatricians near me,” CFPM’s wide range of locations is perfect for anyone in the greater Danbury area. Our pediatric doctor in Danbury and pediatricians in Fairfield, CT are happy to care for children of all ages and stages. To learn more about our practice and schedule your appointment today, visit Center For Pediatric Medicine | Danbury Pediatricians (

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